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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

With Whom Among The 9 Members Of ‘Girls Generation’ Does Rain Want To Be In A Romantic Relationship?

During the current pre-recoding of KBS 2TV’s talk show ‘Win Win Show’, when asked with whom he wants to be in a romantic relationship among 9 members of ‘Girls’ Generation’, Rain who has return to the musical stage in a year and a half answered, “They are all good girls.”

But, he answered the question about whose name was remembered first, excuding his witty stemming from his long experience, “Taeyeon was the first remembered by me.”, which put a smile on the face of Taeyeon who is one of the show hosts.

Rain said, “I feel like I’m on top of the world because I’ve come to do my activities with lots of idol groups. I think I’m asking a great deal of you, by suggestion that I want to be called an idol singer, so I’m trying to take more overtly sexual approach.”, which caused all members of the cast to burst out laughing.

This program will be aired at 11pm on April 13th, 2010.

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Rain Confesses, “I Was Tied Up With Female Stars Who Didn’t Hesitate To Make Moves On Me After My 2nd Album”

During the pre-recording of KBS ‘Win Win Show’ which will be aired on April 13th, Rain confessed, “I was tied up with female entertainers who didn’t hesitate to make moves on me after my 2nd music album.”

“At that time, I didn’t even know why they did like that. When each of the women asked me over for dinner, I thought to myself, ‘What’s up with her?’. So, we had dinner and just broke up.”

“I’m always trying to date with marriage in mind when I start a romantic relationship with anyone. I’m dreaming of becoming an ideal husband when I’m married.”

He revealed the secret to his date, “I was frequently difficulty with my date partner because we crowded together in such a confined space when we were in the car, therefore, big spaces for dating were needed. That’s why I would enjoy getting out with one among them. Namsan, Cheongpyung, and Dobongsan were perfect for the date course.”

Also, he said that he would use disguises, “When I went to the amusement park I usually like with my friends or went there alone, protective clothing such as wide-brim hats and long sweatsuit covered myself. In this way, I was not recognized and mingled freely with the crowds.”

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Rain, “I Was So Proud Of Myself For Not Giving Up Regardless Of My Success”

During KBS 2TV’s ‘Win Win Show’ aired on April 13th, Rain said, “I like a pure and innocent woman during the day time, while I like such a woman who is too harsh on me with her wild charm during the night time.”

About the reason why he broke up with his girl friends, he expressed, “Love is what fills the void, but I couldn’t. Because the dating hours didn’t suit each of our schedules.” Continuing, “When I rode high, she felt she was inferior to me and vice versa.”

“When there is a woman who captivates my heart, I can’t get close to her and are just worried.” and “I have a soft spot for my girl friend. My own personality you’ve never expected would be shown only to her.”

About the reason why he has separated from JYP, ” I wanted to make my own nest, being parted from him. I’ve never regretted being independent of him.”

And he chatted up the guests with a tongue-in-cheek remark, “I think I’ve already surpassed JYP as an entertainment, because he’s never entered overseas markets and never boarded his own private plane, nevertheless, he’s never even appeared in any TV dramas or movies and never won the top award in the awards ceremony for the best singer of the year.”

And he expressed his failure, “It’s worth attempting even though I fail. That could be an education for my future son. Without my failure, I would have become just one of dance singers.”

“Compared with my beginning, MBLAQ is not competent as I thought not to put too fine an edge upon it. I was better off than MBLAQ at that time, but JYP said he had thought that way about my beginning. I’m feeling up to taking his advice.”

Singer ‘Kim Tae-Woo’, one of the special guests, complained to Rain, “Rain has never paid for meals. He is such an awful miser.” For this, Rain expressed, “I always think it is a matter of course that Hyung (older brother or older friend) pays for the food, but I’ll get the bill next time.”

And, Rain said he wants to travel around the world by himself, “I’ve accumulated so many frequent-flyer miles that I can travel around the world. After 4~5 years, I want to backpack around the world by myself.”

Rain expressed the toughest part for him during the Ninja Assassin shooting, “It was so hard I had ever thought to the limit. I even wanted my flight would crash. My loneliness was hard to bear, but I thought, “It’s bad enough not to have married yet.” The shooting, meanwhile, had been over. Soon after filming wrapped, the director gave a bottle of Soju (Korean liquor) to me, so I drank down. I was so proud of myself for not giving up regardless of my success.”

Also, although Rain didn’t have enough strength left to hold out much longer, he won the wrestling game after a breathtakingly close contest in the middle of Myung-dong, Seoul.

Meanwhile, ratings for the program ‘Win Win Show’ where Rain appeared was unusually high with a 12.2 percent viewing rate, passing ‘SBS TV’s popular show program ‘Strong Herat’ (10.7%) aired at the same time, for the first time. On this day, ‘Win Win Show’ recorded the highest ratings ever in its history.

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Rain, “Extreme Thinking I’ve Ever Had When I Experienced Emotional Distress”

Singer Rain told us that “extreme thinking has ever had when he experienced emotional distress”

Recently, Rain has attended KBS2 TV program “Win Win Talk”, he recalled the lonesome period when he was filming Hollywood movie “Ninja Assassin” in foreign country.

Rain said “I am a one who won’t tolerate oneself, a kind of self-torture person”. He also said “I believed movie filming is an opportunity for me. I can’t be lazy. I won’t forgive myself if I missed a chance. In order to test myself, I intentionally didn’t bring my manager with me; also I rented a one-bedroom in the slum”

He also said “In order to keep fit, I couldn’t eat anytime. I live like a robot; therefore, I suffered huge emotional stress. Then I have ever experienced some extreme thinking”

Rain recalled “In order to suppress pain; I would watch Korean TV programs. On Christmas, I cried when I have seen Jae Seok sang Christmas song at MBC “Infinite Challenge”

For body shaping diet, Rain said “After I brushed my teeth, I would watch the old clips of my dance on stage; on the other hand, I suppress the feeling of hungry. It reminds me why I have to take diet, and it motivate me effectively” Also, Rain said “Water helps rid of body waste, it can reduce your eating, so drink more water”

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In Spite of Rain’s Perfect Figure, There Is A Weak Point In It

Cabel channel SBS E!TV ‘E!News Korea – Star Q 10′ will concentrate on world star Rain.

Rain was in the spotlight that he had to be disciplined severly and had his perfect figure during the Ninja Assassin shooting.

Rain’s former personal trainer appeared in this program and expressed, “Compared with others, Rain trained awfully hard. When he was on diet, he used to put a memo about what he wants to eat on the refrigerator, and ate all the foods after his diet.”

“Diabetes which killed his mother is hereditary, so there is a chance he may suffer from it too. Thus, he was training hard, being sensitive to that.”

“Although he thoroughly exercises to keep himself in good shape that much, there is a weak point in his body. His muscles tend to slacken, he once neglects to exercise any further.”

It is said, in spite of this weak point, he has his own special method of keeping his body in shape. His own special method will be revealed in ‘E!News Korea – Star Q 10′ at 8pm on the 14th.

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Rain @ KBS Win Win TalkShow

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rain Will Work With Top Class Actors From Many Countries In Next Hollywood Movie

Another Hollywood movie^^ I'm pretty sure this is World of Warcraft >.<

(Only Rain part in the article that says, ‘Something good might happen to the stars targeting the overseas markets.)

Singer and actor Rain who starred for the first time in Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin last year, is expected to appear in another Hollywood movie where top class actors from many countries will appear.

Rain said, “In the movie, a number of warriors will carry out dangerous missions. I’ll probably act with several actors from many countries, but I can’t release any specifics regarding the movie because the offer has been accepted, subject to contract.”

Thus Rain’ll be able to take his career in Hollywood a step further beyond the limit of the very real problem Asian actors have no alternative but to face even though they are the stars of Hollywood movies.

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