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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Vote Rain as The Most Influential People 2009!!!

We're so Proud of Him!
The Most Influential People

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We Believe In Rain, We're CLoud Trust Him and always Love Him!
No matter What Happen!
No doubt and No hesitate

Rain Go Rain!!!

Here's Some videos from Cloud to Show our Truly Heart for always supporting RAIN!
They are so touching T_T

Oppa Rain, I Love U!
From Lia^____^

Ninja Assassin Releasing Update! ... ng-box-ninja-dates/
Ninja Assassin
The James McTiegue-directed action-thriller starring Korean pop messiah Rain has been scheduled for November 25th 2009. ... egoryid=13&cs=1


Also on Thursday, Warner Bros. made additions and changes to its 2009 calendar. Studio will open James McTeigue's "Ninja Assassin," instead of horror pic "The Box," on Nov. 25, with "The Box" now bowing Oct. 30. Studio originally intended to open "Ninja" in 2010.

It's too Long!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Pizza Hut Pics

I think they are so cute!!!!!!
Melting now^.^

[Mar-17-2009] Rain signs 1.5 billion won CF contract with Nature Republic

J.Tune,‘Rain’ 1.5 billion won CF contract with make up brand Nature Republic

J.Tune Entertainment announced on 17th that Rain has signed 1.5 billion won contract with make up brand Nature Republic, as model for this brand's CF. The contract is worth 1.5 billion won (about 1 million US dollars)

J.Tune,‘Rain’15亿(韩币)Nature Republic化妆品广告合约

J.Tune Entertainment 17日宣布了其下所属歌手‘Rain’签订了出演Nature Republic化妆品的广告模特的合约。合约金额为15亿(韩币)。

source: ... 405&OutLnkChk=Y

Rain at Hawaii Airport

Thx for Clouds there!
I Love U Guys!

Good Job!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

[Mar-4-2009] Ballad songs to be released before Rainism Recollection album

Rain'll first be releasing his ballad songs on the 5th before his 5th Rainism Recollection album is put on sale.

Rain's agent, J.Tune entertainment expressed on the 4th, "we are due to open total 4 ballad songs such as 'September 12', 'My Girl', and 'Love is' of acoustic version, including 'Fresh Woman' of urban version, to the public.

Also, J.Tune added, "especially, 'September 12' music video which includes its making film and Rain's looking behind the stage, as well as the album releasing, will be revealed."


The explanation of words

1.사랑이라는 건(Acoustic Ver.)-Love is
2.내여자 (Acoustic Ver.)-My Girl
3.9월 12일 (Acoustic Ver.)-September12
4.Fresh Woman(Remix Ver.)

전체듣기 : Listening to all.
전체담기 : Holding all.
전체다운로드 : Downloading all.

예약 : preengagement.
듣기 : Listening
담기 : Holding.
다운로드 : Downloading

credit to moneytoday/Mnet
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

Rain is selected for Lotte duty-free shop model 3 years in a row

Rain's agent, J.Tune entertainment published earlier in the 4th, "Daehong Company made an agreement that use Rain as Hotel Lotte DFS advertising character, and Rain signed a 7 hundred million-7 thousand won contract with them, during one year contract period. (about 500,000dollars)

J.Tune entertainment expressed, "Rain has completed to extend the contract, from this, he'll take an active part in Lotte DFS as a model belonging to the company three years in a row."

Lotte DFS's side said, "we are anxious to get a foothold in the market to build up the brand name through Rain who is planning to show his activity over the whole world."

credit to Edaily
Bried translation by rain bird@rain-eu

[Mar-04-2009] Ninja Assassin has been being well received in previews in US

[Mar-04-2009]Rain's leading film Ninja Assassin has been being well received since it gave the preview in America.

Rain's leading film Ninja Assassin has been being well received since it gave the preview for the general audience.

Warner Brothers Pictures, movie Ninja Assassin studio, gave its preview last February, and the audience who saw the movie has continued to leave their comments on IMDB, well-known America movie on-line site, with a feeling of expectancy even up to recently.

Netizen 'MercenaryKid' left his comment through IMDB, "NA is the most packed film I've ever seen" and "I can't wait to see it" revealed his expectancy.

This netizen added, "I also participated in the evaluation meeting after the premiere and more than half of the audience declared 'Excellent' "

Another netizen 'yi-cinderyi' expressed, "It's the greatest action film. Rain looks like Frank Frazetta painting come to life."

In the movie, Rain plays a fatal assassin named Raizo, who was kidnapped and brough up by the secret Ozunu organization. This film will be revealed through the whole of America at the second half of this year.

credit to Star News
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

[Mar-03-2009] Ninja Assassin Trailer on Friday? [slashfilm]

Universal Pictures has released the first movie poster for Michael Mann’s Public Enemies on MSN.... The trailer will hit theaters on Friday, along with the teaser trailer for The Wachowski Brothers-produced Ninja Assassin....

Monday, March 2, 2009

[Mar-02-2009] Trailer of Ninjia Assassin will be shown in front of Watchmen


Brief translation be rainalice:

The first trailer of Warner Bros summer action movie Ninjia Assassin will be shown in front of Watchmen, starting from Friday, 03/06/2009. It will be shown along with the new trailers of Terminator Salvation , Star Trek and Public Enemies.

Rain at 6to5 Lotte autography party