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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rain at Fanmeet in Cartier Store

credit by : Fr/HK
He put a ring on his finger~ O.o

Sunday, July 5, 2009


A couple days Ago,, was my worst nightmare that i've ever have!!!
It sounds crazy but it's TRUE!!!!!!! my dream My MOST ANTICIPATING MOVIE on 2009 "Ninja Assassin" couldn't be HIT and it was failed to fill on the TOP chart Box Office!!!!!!!

T_T...My feeling,,Just like got Heart Attack!!!!!!
I can't say anything...
Just cried...cried and Cried



I'm sure Ninja Assassin will be HIT for all the TIME!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The progress of the change of leading stars' guaranteed fees


[05-24] 090524 Rain Pizzahut New CF

090524 Rain Pizzahut New CF

sr : daum

My Pics When i was Taking Shoot for My Class Movie!

Oh My God...
It Was The MOST TIRED DAY of My Life
Finally We started to take a shoot for Our Movie~~~

It's Awkward...^.^
But Fun!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[Apr-27-2009] Rain will be part of the 3rd Auction Campaign

Rain'll be part of the 3rd Auction Campaign to help the Missing Children

The treasured items of total 63 stars who are on behalf of the entertainment and sports world, will be put up at a charity auction. will be carrying out the 3rd Auction Campaign to share the collections of entertainers such as Rain, Girl Generation, Big Bang, Jewellery, and Wonder Girls, and sports stars such as Park Ji-Seong, Lee Woon-Jae, Lee Young-Kyu, and ete, to be held under and Save the Kids Foundation, sponsored by Woori Finace Company, Lotte department store, and Auction (, for 3 weeks from the 27th.
All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Save the Kids Foundation, and used for the Missing Children.

Rain who has launched his clothing brand 6to5, donated his stage costume.
The clothing he donated is a white color hood T shirt embroidered with cute Teddy Bear.

Rain expressed, "This shirt is very cute and pretty enough to seem to bring a person happiness with only seeing it. I hope it will be a good donation."

credit to: ... &aid=0002100638 ... amp;DirCode=0010301
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

Ninja Assassin release dates in different countries

Source: IMDB

Poster of Jackie Chan's charity concert at Bird's Nest

Rain will arrive in Beijing at 2:50 pm, 04/30

[Apr-27-2009] South-East Asia and Europe in the Korea Wave

Rain part out of the article of 'South-East Asia and Europe in the Korea Wave'

*This story is about a Korean national defense researcher experienced when he traveled several counties.

Rain part:

Once Goa of India was a colony of Portugal, but it has been the last to come under the mainland and is in the sea area located in the west side of India. It is also so sleepy region that travelers are rare to find.

I went for a massage which helps a sick headache in this place.
A beautiful young lady who would massage for me asked, "Are you a Japanese?"
I'm sometimes misunderstood as a Japanese due to my gray hair not to be dyed.

When I answered, "I m a Korean.", she was all smiled and devotedly massaged for me even over 20 minutes saying, "I'm a Rain's fan".

She told me, "Last my birthday, I received a gift, a T shirt printed with Rain's face, from my friend who had bought in Korea, and I'm thinking of appealing to my future husband to bury me in a grave with the shirt." she smiled shyly. Since I had no present for her, I gave her a generous tip.

My American colleague who went together asked me, "You're warmly welcomed wherever you go, what's the secret?" I answered, "I think I've gotten the warm welcome because I was born in Korea."

credit to benamoo
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

[Apr-28-2009] Rain fan club donated the actual articles to welfare facilities

Singer Rain's fans acted up to their affection for needy neighbors with big hands.

The Cloud's members, Rain's official fan club, donated articles which are equivalent to approximately
14 million won (around $10,500) to Dongbang Social Welfare Organ in memory of Rain's 7th debut anniversary.

The fan club interested expressed, "We've come to plan to be beneficent to the community in memory of Rain's
7 th debut anniversary. These articles were prepared by the money saved through making a united effort of Korea&Japan fans, and they are the layettes that are essential to babies."

The articles will be used for the babies who have been waiting for new home in a temporary home for infants, and for the children who have been looking after in Jacob's Home, due to sickness, poverty, and noninterference of their family.

Meanwhile, Rain's fan club 'the Cloud' put a full-page advertisement celebrating Rain's 7th debut anniversary in an all-around daily paper on the 27 th.

The AD reads as follows, "We celebrate Rain and the Cloud's beautiful 7 th anniversary. You're always No 1 to us. We'll be with you and support your challenge and dream all the time until that day you drenches the world. B, Jung Ji-Hoon, Rain...We love you..From the Cloud who loves Rain."

Also, last 6th, The AD included in the message celebrating Rain's 7th debut anniversary, ever appeared in the influential newspapers of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Taiwan, and etc. simultaneously.

credit to SportsDongah/Mydaily
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

Saturday, April 25, 2009

[Apr-24-2009] Rain at special screening of movie "Thirst"

credit Photo to: naver & karman1668 @rainhk

KR: some fan accounts from benamoo & DC
summary & KR to CN: gli07@ baidu rain bar
CN to EN: rainalice@rainlegend

The premiere was planned to begin at 8pm. But some artists arrived after 8pm.

Rain arrived at Korean airport around 6pm. He arrived at the premiere on 7:55pm. He went directly into the VIP room, talking with senior management of CJ entertainment.

Shortly after he sat down in the theater, an assistant of Chung Lim came to say Chung Lim would like to greet him. Chung Lim came, greeted Rain and then returned to his theater (total 3 theaters for this premiere). Rain's theater had other artists like: Lee Byung Heon, Kim Hye-su, Won Bin and Song Hye-kyo.

Sitting around Rain were senior management of CJ. Park Chan-wook sat with his mother in the row right in front of Rain. Park Chan-wook and main actors greeted on stage before movie began and then went to other theaters to greet. After Park Chan-wook came back, he sat next to Rain (not 100% sure about where he sat, just some fans said so).

After the movie ended. Rain was the first artist to exit. He went into the VIP room with Park Chan-wook again and stayed there for a long time. All other artists left the theater directly.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cloud Philippines on Korea Times article [04-22-2009]
Korean Fans Create Singular Culture
By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter, The Korea Times

Paulette Espiritu is one of the administrators of ``Cloud Philippines,'' a fan club of entertainer Rain based in the Philippines. She initially didn't start out as a big fan of Rain, but little by little, she realized the potential of the Korean singer.

``I was never a fan of East Asian music prior to this and I thought K-pop was (cheesy). But when I heard Rain's voice and saw his dance moves, which could rival the dance artists in the West, it completely shattered all my previous notions about K-pop,'' she told The Korea Times via an e-mail interview.

Cloud Philippines was established in 2006, with more than 2,000 members helping to promote Rain, his projects and activities in the Philippines and also provide a unified home for his fans in the country.

``Whenever Rain releases a new album, movie or drama in the Philippines, we organize promotional activities such as poster distribution, fan awareness via text, email and website announcements, sending requests to radio stations and music video networks like MYX and MTV Philippines. We also try to connect with the companies involved to offer our assistance in whatever marketing activities they have planned for Rain. Lastly, we form tour groups and provide assistance in any way we can to those who are interested in attending his concerts and promotional activities in Korea and other countries,'' she said.

Why do fans carry out these activities? Are they just trying to get their stars to notice them, or hoping for more?

``Of course, we want to be noticed by Rain. Who doesn't? At the same time, it is also our way of releasing stress from our daily activities. Organizing a fan club involves hard work, but we don't really feel the pressure because it's for Rain. We're doing this mainly for fun,'' Espiritu said.

credits to: fatgrrl_slim of Cloud Philippines

Wow...GOOD JOB^.^

[Apr-22-2009] Rain plans to do very vigorous activities in the Asia region

Rain plans to do very vigorous activities in the Asia region at the first half of the year

Rain will show his appearance as a world star around Asia regions at the first half of the year, working as overseas activities vigorously.

Starting with CF shooting in Australia, Rain plans to meet his overseas fans in several Asia nations through a number of events such as charity event, fashion show, and etc.

First of all, Rain left for Australia for shooting Republic Nature CF, the cosmetics brand Rain has acted as a model, on the 19th.

After returning from Australia, he will be leaving for Beijing, China, for the charity concert to be held under action star Jakie Chan on the 30th.

Rain who has been invited to the concert under Jakie Chan, is due to appear on the stage to be held in Nyaochao inside of Beijing Olympic main stadium on May 1th.

Rain who sang in Beijing Olympic closing ceremony last year, has come to appear on the stage again in a year. Chinese Culture stars such as 'Alan Tom' will take part in this concert as well as 'Super Junior' in Korea.

If Rain get through the Beijing concert, he'll hold 'Six to Five' 2009 F/W Season fashion show, the fashion brand he has acted as a model and designer, in Hong Kong in early June. Rain is due to appear as a model in this fashion show.

Since the fashion interested in Chinese Culture as well as in Hong Kong will be present at the fashion show in a great mass, after the event, it is expected to let the world know the brand 6to5 extensively.

In addition, J.Tune entertainment which has been pushing some strategic partnership with Korea Teddy Bear Association, has opened SF Teddy Museum in Jeju island and officially contracted even with Bali in Indonesia. They also plan to go through due formalities with Thailand and to break ground on a building there.

With this, Rain's Asia tour at the first half of the year is expected, though details have not been given, Rain has planned to hold the concert tour since last year.

Rain's agent J.Tune entertainment expressed, "Rain plans to meet his overseas fans through the concert tour in Asia nations, he is also due to promote his several projects carefully."

credit to Sports Dongah
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[Apr-21-2009] Rain in Brisbane

Source: Hikari @soompi / rain-cloud

Lotte Family Concert Pics

Hem...I was Forget to upload it Here^.^ Mianhae!
Wow...RAIN Looks SO HOT!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nature Republic Graphic

Wow...He's HOT!

Pizza Hut Pic

I really Love These Pics....
I got it from RainLegend, Rain Looks So Cute~~~


Rain’s message to congratulate Jackie Chan’s charity concert

Video Credit:

Rain excited more than 10,000 audiences on the domestic stage in 4 months

Rain who has been taking a rest since he got through the domestic activity of his 5th album Rainism, currently appeared on the stage for a long time, and made the audience wild with enthusiasm.

Rain participated in '2009 Lotte Family Concert' held in Gymnastics Arena inside of Seoul Olympic Park, on the 18th.

Starting with 'Fresh Woman', Rain sang such total 7 hit songs as 'The way to avoid from the sun', 'Touch Ya', 'Love Story', 'September 12th', 'I Do', and 'Rainism', and he excited the audience with his sexy and powerful stage manner.

Rain expressed, " This is the fifth time I've participated in 'Lotte Family Concert" already. My Asia tour concert is coming up, you can look forward to great things from me."

In this concert held under Lotte Duty-Free Shop, 'Big Bang', 'Super Junior', and Shin Hye-Sung including Rain appeared on the stage, there were overseas tourists in a great mass from Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, as well as a lot of domestic fans.

Source: edaily
Brief translation credit: rain

Friday, April 17, 2009

[Apr-13-2009] Rain's leading film NA will be releasing in November in America

The opening date of Ninja Assassin, top star Rain's first hollywood leading film, has been set at the period of Thanksgiving Day holidays in November, in North America.

According to 'IMDB', a website specializing in the movie, Ninja Assassin is due to be released in the form of wide-release in North America on the 25th of November.

This movie to be distributed by hollywood major studio Warner Brothers is expected to be released during Thanksgiving Day holidays and to get started to make the box-office hit.

Also, it is expected that there will be keen competition in several movies, Nine, Old Dog, and New Moon, which have worked out large-scale releasing strategies as might be expected of Golden Week.

It seems that WB has expected great things from Ninja Assassin and has been full of confidence as well as the movie will be released during Golden Week in North America.

It is known that the movie has made a hit with the screening test in America, which gives a good perspective in the box-office. And, many moviegoers really expect if Ninja Assassin could be just hit the cinemas during Thanksgiving holidays in America.

Ninja Assassin which is the action movie produced by the Wachowski brothers of the 'Matix' series, is said to have cost total 100 million dollars to make.

credit to JoyNews
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

[Apr-17-2009] Rain will participate in the charity concert under Jakie Chan

Rain'll participate in the charity concert under Jakie Chan, and put the international good deed into practice

Singer Rain, once again, is due to appear on Beijing Olympic main stadium with world action star Jakie Chan.

Jakie Chan who has known as a good conduct angel throughout the universe, will hold '2009 Good Friend Concert for charity's sake on May 1th, and he has invited Rain to this significant concert.

This is not the first time Rain and Jakie have met each other. When Rain came to Beijing Olympic main stadium for the performance of 2008 Beijing Olympic closing ceremony, he met Jakie who attended on the different subject of the closing ceremony event.

According to Rain's agent J.Tune entertainment, Jakie Chan has decided to hold the event in Beijing Olympic main stadium which might draw audiences to a maximum of 100,000 people, and he got in touch with Rain who will make the event shine with a large scale performance.

Rain is expected to feel an enormous sense of pride as a representative Korea Wave star, personally setting an example of the good deed to people through cooperating with Jakie Chan who has made his name as a world charitable person.

Meanwhile, this year, for the first time, Rain will be appearing on 'Lotte Family concert' to be held in Olympic gym stadium on the 18th.

credit to MoneyToday
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The wind and rain will be blowing hard. Ninja Assassin date set


[Mar-30-2009]The wind and rain will be blowing hard. 'Ninja Assassin's opening day has been decided in America.

Rain's first hollywood leading film Ninja Assassin's opening day has been decided.

'Variety', American weekly entertainment magazine, currently reported that 'Ninja Assassin' will be releasing on November 25th in America. Movie database 'IMDB' also posted that its opening day will be on November 25th.

The opening day in Korea and Europe has not been revealed yet, but it is known that it will be released at the similar time.

Rain made his debut in the hollywood as a supporting role through 'Speed Racer' last year, but 'Ninja Assassin' is expected to be the key how he grows into a hollywood star since it is his first leading movie.

Rain plans to have a large-scale premiere tour to the releasing time.
Meanwhile, 'Ninja Assassin' has been rated R due to its violence.

credit to Sports Dongah
Brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu

Nature Republic CF Pics

I think They Are so Amazing!!!!!
Rain Looks So HOT!

hahaha...Fainting Now^___^




Rain signed on with 'Nature Republic' as a model

'Nature Republic', a new brand shop, which has been heating up the cosmetic distribution industry, has finally raised its veil.

'Nature Republic' side announced that Rain signed on with 'Nature Republic' as a model.

The company side expressed, "We selected Rain, who is suited as a global star, for extending the business abroad beyond the domestic market that has already been changed into Red Ocean." and, "The shop POP including printed AD and the TV broadcasting AD are expected to be progressed, in April and about May each."

'Nature Republic' shop-1 which is due to open on April 3th, is located in a building with 2 stories above ground in Myungdong which is nation's largest commercial center.

credit to Rain Gallery/benamoo
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Vote Rain as The Most Influential People 2009!!!

We're so Proud of Him!
The Most Influential People

Vote For Rain
Click Here!


Yez...That's Right!
We Believe In Rain, We're CLoud Trust Him and always Love Him!
No matter What Happen!
No doubt and No hesitate

Rain Go Rain!!!

Here's Some videos from Cloud to Show our Truly Heart for always supporting RAIN!
They are so touching T_T

Oppa Rain, I Love U!
From Lia^____^

Ninja Assassin Releasing Update! ... ng-box-ninja-dates/
Ninja Assassin
The James McTiegue-directed action-thriller starring Korean pop messiah Rain has been scheduled for November 25th 2009. ... egoryid=13&cs=1


Also on Thursday, Warner Bros. made additions and changes to its 2009 calendar. Studio will open James McTeigue's "Ninja Assassin," instead of horror pic "The Box," on Nov. 25, with "The Box" now bowing Oct. 30. Studio originally intended to open "Ninja" in 2010.

It's too Long!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Pizza Hut Pics

I think they are so cute!!!!!!
Melting now^.^

[Mar-17-2009] Rain signs 1.5 billion won CF contract with Nature Republic

J.Tune,‘Rain’ 1.5 billion won CF contract with make up brand Nature Republic

J.Tune Entertainment announced on 17th that Rain has signed 1.5 billion won contract with make up brand Nature Republic, as model for this brand's CF. The contract is worth 1.5 billion won (about 1 million US dollars)

J.Tune,‘Rain’15亿(韩币)Nature Republic化妆品广告合约

J.Tune Entertainment 17日宣布了其下所属歌手‘Rain’签订了出演Nature Republic化妆品的广告模特的合约。合约金额为15亿(韩币)。

source: ... 405&OutLnkChk=Y

Rain at Hawaii Airport

Thx for Clouds there!
I Love U Guys!

Good Job!

Monday, March 16, 2009