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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

[Mar-4-2009] Ballad songs to be released before Rainism Recollection album

Rain'll first be releasing his ballad songs on the 5th before his 5th Rainism Recollection album is put on sale.

Rain's agent, J.Tune entertainment expressed on the 4th, "we are due to open total 4 ballad songs such as 'September 12', 'My Girl', and 'Love is' of acoustic version, including 'Fresh Woman' of urban version, to the public.

Also, J.Tune added, "especially, 'September 12' music video which includes its making film and Rain's looking behind the stage, as well as the album releasing, will be revealed."


The explanation of words

1.사랑이라는 건(Acoustic Ver.)-Love is
2.내여자 (Acoustic Ver.)-My Girl
3.9월 12일 (Acoustic Ver.)-September12
4.Fresh Woman(Remix Ver.)

전체듣기 : Listening to all.
전체담기 : Holding all.
전체다운로드 : Downloading all.

예약 : preengagement.
듣기 : Listening
담기 : Holding.
다운로드 : Downloading

credit to moneytoday/Mnet
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

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