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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rainism Recollection Cover+Track List

비 - 레이니즘 리콜렉션 (한정판)

CD 1
01 . MY WAY intro
02 . Rainism Clean Ver.
03 . Only You
04 . Love Story 0912...그 이후
05 . 사랑이라는건
06 . 내여자
07 . Fresh Woman
08 . 더끌려 FEAT 태완 A.K.A C-Luv
09 . 고개돌려
10 . 9월 12일
11 . My Way
12 . Rainism Remix Clean Ver.

CD 2
01 . 사랑이라는건 acoustic Ver.
02 . 내여자 acoustic Ver.
03 . 9월 12일 acoustic Ver.
04 . Fresh Woman Remix Ver.
05 . Rainism English
06 . Love Story 0912...after English
07 . Rainism Japanese
08 . Love Story 0912...after Japanese
09 . Rainism Chinese
10 . Love Story 0912...after Chinese

01 LOVE STORY Movie full Ver.

[Feb-24-2009] Word star Rain'll become Korea Pizza Hut model.

Rain made a model contract with Korea Pizza Hut.

Starting with a new CF shooting which will be on air about the middle of March, Rain's going to work as a TV CF and print ads model of Pizza hut.

Korea Pizza Hut's side said, "Rain has broad-based fans regardless of sex age. We're sure that Rain combining affection and popularity as a model, will make the company image upgrade."

credit to Sports Josen
Brief translation by rain bird @ rain-eu

[Feb-25-2009]Designer Rain, Reactions to the opening day sales are heating up.

Customers' reactions to clothing brand 'Six To Five' which Rain belonging to, are unusual.

Starting with Cheongjoo branch shop last 13th, 'Six To Five' which has brought out total 5 shops, Jeonjoo&Daegu branch shops, Sinsege main shop, and etc, has published Rain's fashion sense and established the distinguished record in sale.

J.Tune Creative, fashion&preofessional enterprise, expressed, "The opening day sales were expectedly over ten million won (about 7,000dollars) and its sale has continued to increase."

We've been treated to the odd sight of the customers, who want to see Rain's fashion sense, standing in a row at the shop to buy the clothing.
When orders were once pressed, the goods were momentarily sold out and reorders were ever rushed.

Especially, at Sinsege main shop which is located in fashion center 'Myungdong', the customers flowed in and out all day, and that is taking overseas visitors' eyes.
By word of mouth, the national brand is expected to be spread out the world soon.

Meanwhile, on-line site of 'Six To Five' is due to sell the limited project goods with the opening of 'Opening Event' page ahead off, before the official sale.

Friday, February 20, 2009

YTN Star - Rain's fortune by the face

Rain's fortune by the face is destined to be lucky all through his life.
He's expected to have a spell of extremely good luck and succeed in every work.
From the viewpoint of physiognomy, the middle of Rain's life is very long, it means that he has a king's face.
He is perfectly of good omen in the space between the eyebrows and in the line of the full nose.

source: benamoo

Park Tae Hwan Talked 'bout Rain in MBC Section TV

Compare It All! Who is The Cutest?!!!?

Compare It all! Who is The Cutest???!! Of Course RAIN!

[Feb-20-2009] Fan Account I went to 625 Sinsege Department Store Today Morning

I went to 'Six To Five' Sinsege department store in Seoul today morning.
I was originally going to buy some spring wears, but it had more summer wears than spring wears.
I admit its quality. Still, it was a little dear to me, I am just a mere student. however, I was determined to buy one.
I would probably go with my mother next time.

I wanted to take a picture, but it was prohibited.
The shop was already being crowded with customers, though I arrived at 10: 40am.
It took one minute or so to stand in line for paying.
I wish for 625's success!

Credit : benamoo
Brief translation by rain bird@Rain-Eu

Thursday, February 19, 2009

625 store and t-shirts

Hi~ I'm in Australia. ^____^

Hi, everyone! This is Rain.
I took this photo while in Australia
It's been very cold in Korea recently, so I did not expect it to be so hot in Australia~

I post this picture for fans who miss me
I'm doing very well~

See you next time~ Rain Smile ^______^

Will Rain become Superman?

Oh My God!
I'm Shocked!!!!!!
Rain will Plays as Superman?!!!


Recently, Wachowski brothers could be in charge of new Superman series, hollywood movie, and Rain could participate in it with them.

Rain's agency J.Tune entertainment made their position clear about this, "We've never heard about Wachowski' next film, but if we are offered, we'll positively examine the proposal."

Meanwhile, Ninja Assassin is due to be released in France on July 29, but it has not decided yet in America. Rain is currently staying in Berlin for post-synchronization of 'Ninja Assassin'

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rain and Lee Joon and Kim Kwang Min

They Are Rain's New face!
From J Tune...........Rain is The Hottest and Tallest!

Rain'll offer his fans free operations to recover their bad sight

[Feb-16-2009] Rain'll offer his fans opportunities to recover their sight without pay.

J.Tune entertainment, Rain's agency, expressed on the 16th, "Rain'll work on "The shining world" project for his fans who have bad sight." continuing, "through this project, Rain'll offer the fans opportunities to be able to be operated on their bad sight."

With an ophthalmic clinic in Kangnamgu, Rain is due to continue to provide free surgery for the fans who has missed the opportunities of eye surgery for several reasons.

As Rain has seriously been thinking how to aid to fans who are disabled, he allegedly asked 'Eyes and Eyes' ophthalmic clinic for help and became to work on this project.

Rain's fans, who are members of Rain's official fan club, people recommended by the member, and general fans besides the members, can leave a letter on his official homepage and apply for help.

Meanwhile, Rain left for Berlin for post-synchronization of his first Hollywood leading film 'Ninja Assassin' last 14th.

BTW.....That Pic was took when he was doing Love Story MV!
Totally CUTE!!!!

quick update from jms about Ninja Assassin


I'm SO Excited 'bout this!!!!!

Discovery Channel Hip Korea -Preview version 2

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nichkhun (Member of 2PM) talked about Rain in interview

credit to 비처님@benamoo, 你是雨·我是云 @baidu rain bar

Q: Talking about Rain… he moved to his own co. already and he came to Thailand for the shooting of his new MV
A: Yes. I felt excited every time when I watched him performing on the stage… he’s cool… his singing and dancing always improve and no one can copy him. When he’s on the stage the way he has eyes contact… the way he looks into the camera… the way he sings and post no one can imitate him… everything seems just born for him.

Q: Have you met each other?
A: Yes, we met him at events when performing. He said hi. Last time we met he encouraged us to keep going. At that time we were hoping for the “New Artist” award. He told us ‘this year you just missed out on it but it’s ok! Next year you’ll come back and get it!’ He praised us for doing well but suggested parts of our act we must work on.

Q: How do you really feel whenever we met, we always asking about Rain?
A: I’m not annoying at all besides I feel honor… It’s not because we’d been in the same company but he’s like my ideal I like his effort, his determination, his endeavor… I want to imitate these from him. When someone said I’m the second Rain… I’m glad but I admit that I don’t have such endeavor like him I’ll try to reach to that point but being no. one Khun is better because being second Rain is so hard I can’t catch up with him (with work).

Yeah...He's Right!
No one can compare Our RAIN!!!!

"Hip Korea"...Preview!

Rain's New Name in US!!!!! Urgh...This is so bad News!

Source: edaily

Two sides, Rain and Rain Cooperation, dramatically agreed about the trademark right trouble over name "Rain", so Rain'll not act as "Rain", but as "The Rain", in America alone.

The trademark trouble over world star Rain's English name "Rain" between America music company Rain Cooperation and Rain, was completely solved by mutual agreement.

Through the mutual consent, when Rain acts as a singer in America, he'll do with English name "The Rain", however, if he acts as an actor in America, existing name "Rain" can be used. Also, the use of "The Rain" as a singer is limited to America, but outside of the U.S., he can use existing name "Rain" as usual.

By "Rain cooperation", in Nevada State in the U.S., 2007, Rain was ever applied for provisional disposition and was sued over name "Rain"

Singer Rain has been named one of the 24 international hot stars

That’s what the U.S. based Entertainment Weekly .

Rain was nominated in the 'Universal Imports: 24 International Hotties' released by America's weekly entertainment magazine 'Entertainment Weekly'.

The interesting fact is that of the 24, Rain was ranked 22nd for his movie which hasn't been released yet. 'Entertainment Weekly' said that Rain's sexiest work will be 'Ninja Assassin' which will be release this year.

Continuing, they described Rain as Justin Timberlake of Korea and is also known in America through Madison Square Garden and the Colbert Show.

In the chart was also ranked Daniel Craig of '007 Casino Royal', actress Eva Green, Leung Chiu Wai, Gong Li, and Zhang Ziyi.

Ninja Assassin is rated R

source: ... gs-bulletin-no-2055

Ninja Assassin
Rated R For strong bloody stylized violence throughout, and language.

The commercial film to introduce dreams of Jang & Rain

The commercial film to introduce dreams of Jang Dong-Geon & Rain, is the talk of the town.

Recently, T (, mobile communication brand, showed the second "Bibidibabidibu" campaign of the content that Jang & Rain wish their dreams come true.

Jang part of this is the content that he receives the best acting prize in an international film festival, Rain part is the content that he is awarded the best singer prize and is recognized as a distinguished musician.

Meanwhile, there is an after-talk that the two directly sang this "Bibidibabidibu, according to T" song with their sweet voices.

Wish my dream come true - Bibidibabidibu

* The words of Jang & Rain have no meaning like an onomatopoeia, the language which they are speaking is not Korean language, and is a made-up language.

Korea's Hottest Star, Rain, featured on Discovery Ch. Documentary

Korea's hottest star Rain featured on Discovery Channel documentary

Many stars come and go. One day they are in, but the next, they are forgotten. But there seems to be a Korean star who looks like he will stay with us for a very long time, if not forever. It is Korea’s hot singer and actor Rain.

Thanks to his well-toned body and dynamic dance moves exuding masculine charm, the 26-year-old has ridden the crest of the Hallyu (explosive popularity of Korean pop culture abroad) or “Korean wave.”Many Korean stars who rode on the wave of Hallyu seem to have stopped right there, thinking that the fame and glamor would live on forever.

But Rain chose not to rest on his laurels. Even amid his hectic schedule that involves promoting his new album, filming for his recently finished Hollywood film “Ninja Assassin’’ and even launching his own clothing line Six to Five, he has never skipped his workout routine or dance practice.Before rising to stardom in Korea, he had to undergo three years of arduous training and rehearsals.

He always strives for everything, never taking anything for granted. And this passion and diligence have helped him rise above being merely a “Hallyu” or Korean wave star to an up-and-coming actor in Hollywood and more. In 2007, Rain was ranked number one on the online voting system for “Time” magazine’s poll of the 100 most influential people and introduced as "Asia’s Prince of Pop." Rain starred in the Hollywood movie ``Speed Racer’’ and his upcoming movie ``Ninja Assassin’’ will be released soon. He also made headlines by singing at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

And this time, he has finally been discovered by the world-renowned cable TV Discovery Channel, which specializes in documentaries.Rain is being featured in a documentary entitled “Hip Korea,” produced by the Discovery Channel, which airs in 170 countries around the world, The documentary is about the rising status of Korean pop culture on the international scene and it portrays Rain as a front runner of Korean pop culture, someone who can represent the nation’s growth as a pop cultural hub in the Asian region.

The 45-minute documentary has already been on TV screens from Jan 31, starting in Australia and New Zealand. It will start broadcasting in Asian countries including Korea from Feb 23. It will also air in Europe starting in May.

The documentary focuses on Rain’s endless efforts which have made him from a normal guy struggling with poverty and the pain of losing his mother, to a world star. According to J. Tune, Rain’s agency, Rain hopes that viewers will get the message from the documentary that anything is possible if you try hard.With Rain’s consent, the

Discovery Channel’s production crew followed the singer and actor everywhere for six months to capture his every move. Candid and personal moments were captured, including him commiserating with his close friend comedian Kim Jae-dong and an emotional visit to the charnel house housing his mother’s remains.

Filming Rain in Seoul took place mainly in the Hongdae area in northern Seoul and Cheongdam-dong in southern Seoul, two areas frequented by hip young people, to convey the image of him as a dynamic and youthful person.

In addition, the documentary contains interviews with American celebrities associated with Rain, including interviews with Steven Colbert of Comedy Central’s "The Colbert Report," the Wachowski Brothers, who directed “Speed Racer” and Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon, who co-starred with Rain in the movie “Speed Racer.”There are also interviews with Korean director Park Chan-wook and actress Im Su-jeong, who worked with Rain on the film “I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay.”

No surprises, but Rain’s busy schedule continues this year as well. He had a fan meeting in Japan in early January, to promote his fifth studio album "Rainism," which was first released last year in Korea.

The singer plans to work on a new album set to be released in the United States."Ninja Assassin," a film which was developed specifically for him by the Wachowski Brothers, is due for release this year.

He will join the cast of the Hollywood movie for a promotional tour round the United States in March.Amid his hectic schedule, he will continue to expand his clothing line Six to Five with a plan to expand it across Asia and then Europe and the United States.

Reminder: Online site Opening on Feb. 25th

Congrats to 6to5 shop opening! opening on February 25th

The flash on the site is updated, you can visit to see more store pictures.

Rain's Hair

Wah...i really...Love Rain In Japan Fan Meeting!
He's Totally Cute!

Introduce me...

Name: Lailiyah Khairun Novia
DOB: Zibon, Nov 16 91
School: SMASA
Type Of Blood: B
Fav: Rain and Sleeping
Like: Rain
Dislike: Rain's Basher
Reason why i love Rain so much??!!: 1.His Music, 2. His Smiling, 3. His Efforts!
Ambition: Director, Rain's Wife...Hehehe...