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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rain Will Work With Top Class Actors From Many Countries In Next Hollywood Movie

Another Hollywood movie^^ I'm pretty sure this is World of Warcraft >.<

(Only Rain part in the article that says, ‘Something good might happen to the stars targeting the overseas markets.)

Singer and actor Rain who starred for the first time in Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin last year, is expected to appear in another Hollywood movie where top class actors from many countries will appear.

Rain said, “In the movie, a number of warriors will carry out dangerous missions. I’ll probably act with several actors from many countries, but I can’t release any specifics regarding the movie because the offer has been accepted, subject to contract.”

Thus Rain’ll be able to take his career in Hollywood a step further beyond the limit of the very real problem Asian actors have no alternative but to face even though they are the stars of Hollywood movies.

credit to Dong
Brief translation by rain bird@Rain-EU

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