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Friday, January 8, 2010

Rain had the Nickname ‘Bloody’ on Ninja set

Rain has revealed that he was called ‘Bloody’ on the Ninja Assassin set.

The Korean star plays avenged deadly assassin Raizo in James McTeigue’s martial arts-action film, and recalled often being covered in “sticky” goo, to recreate the bloody look.

“When we were working on Ninja Assassin, my nickname was Bloody – ‘Hey Bloody, hey Sticky! Where are you going?’” he laughed.

James added: “‘Hey Bloodman, get over here! Bring your cuts over here – where are you going with that?’ He was covered head to toe in corn syrup, prosthetics… blood I meant, not corn syrup.”

The director also praised his lead actor for enabling him to make the film without using many special effects, or use wires.

“I guess it was kind of an aesthetic way I wanted to go with the action sequences,” he said.

“Chad Stahelski and Dave Leech, who were the action choreographers, pulled in this team that enabled us to do it, like martial artists from all over the world – Parkour guys from Europe, free running guys from Europe – and then being able to put Rain in the mix and know that he’d be able to do those things, and do them safely and not have to be attached to wires was great, just being able to change the way you normally shoot things.”

source: … ja-set-1999819.html

credit: rainalice

Okay Bloody...Let's get married!!!!


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