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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rain Says, “I’m Sure Movie’s Color Line Will Be Broken Someday In USA”

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“I’m sure movie’s color line will be broken some day in USA.”

Rain who has brought his major inroad in the American market one step closer by hollywood movie Ninja Assassin which was his first starring role, is filled with anticipation that Westerners will get rid of their prejudice against Asians.

In a recent interview with Yon Hap news, Rain said, “There is surely a limit to Asians’ role in Hollywood movies, but the time will come soon when we shall rid ourselves of the limit.” and “If I can’t penetrate it, it should be the responsibility of the next person. I notice piecemeal changes in the world’s market.”

He added, “When I said I would star in Ninja Assassin, they were pretty skeptical because they had preconceptions about Asians’ petite body, but the natives who saw my figure and actions in the movie, have flashed a thumbs-up after strong openings, so I’m very glad.”

“I’m very happy to see that they seem to have slighty gotten rid of their prejudice Asians. I think we have to bet on merit because we feel that more Americans are becoming aware of Asians.”

Rain’s currently been deliberating over selecting the next movie he wants among several scripts.

He's right...keep fighting Rain!!!

credit to Yon Hap news … &aid=0003052265
Brief translation by rain bird

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