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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rain's fidelity which shined in the heavy snows with taking the subway in 10 yearsl

Omo i forget to say...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
New Year with New Heart >_<

During this winter's record snows in the central part of the country on the afternoon of the 4th, Rain showed off his fidelity to the event hall located in Yeoido by subway in order to attend the first birthday party of the representative's son.

It's very unusual for a top star to use public transportation, particularly when it comes to a world star like Rain who is widely acknowledged in the world market, including in Asia.

When the traffic was paralyzed by the heavy snow that had fallen from dawn before the event, it turned out that Rain was taking the subway and walking toward Yeoido with MBLAQ's members produced by himself.

Rain who pushed his way through the heavy snows and showed up the event hall, said with a laugh, "I'm filled with emotions as I took the subway in 10 years."

On this day, they say Rain took the subway with Seungho and G.O. who are MBLAQ's members produced by himself, being escorted by a bodyguard in plain clothes prepared for every eventuality.

Fortunately, the originally feared accident didn't happen thanks to their covered faces and bodies with mufflers and thick coats.

Meanwhile, Rain has returned home and been taking a break since the great success of his concert in Las Vegas late last year, and he'll go into action for the first time in the new year with his Asia tour encore concert in Osaka Jo Hall of Japan upcoming 23rd and 24th.

he...wonder how he can surpass all the rest of Korean staring at him...xD

Source: Edaily news
Brief translation credit: rain

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