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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Spite of Rain’s Perfect Figure, There Is A Weak Point In It

Cabel channel SBS E!TV ‘E!News Korea – Star Q 10′ will concentrate on world star Rain.

Rain was in the spotlight that he had to be disciplined severly and had his perfect figure during the Ninja Assassin shooting.

Rain’s former personal trainer appeared in this program and expressed, “Compared with others, Rain trained awfully hard. When he was on diet, he used to put a memo about what he wants to eat on the refrigerator, and ate all the foods after his diet.”

“Diabetes which killed his mother is hereditary, so there is a chance he may suffer from it too. Thus, he was training hard, being sensitive to that.”

“Although he thoroughly exercises to keep himself in good shape that much, there is a weak point in his body. His muscles tend to slacken, he once neglects to exercise any further.”

It is said, in spite of this weak point, he has his own special method of keeping his body in shape. His own special method will be revealed in ‘E!News Korea – Star Q 10′ at 8pm on the 14th.

credit to Daily Economy
Brief translation by rain bird
from: rain-cloud

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