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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rain Confesses, “I Was Tied Up With Female Stars Who Didn’t Hesitate To Make Moves On Me After My 2nd Album”

During the pre-recording of KBS ‘Win Win Show’ which will be aired on April 13th, Rain confessed, “I was tied up with female entertainers who didn’t hesitate to make moves on me after my 2nd music album.”

“At that time, I didn’t even know why they did like that. When each of the women asked me over for dinner, I thought to myself, ‘What’s up with her?’. So, we had dinner and just broke up.”

“I’m always trying to date with marriage in mind when I start a romantic relationship with anyone. I’m dreaming of becoming an ideal husband when I’m married.”

He revealed the secret to his date, “I was frequently difficulty with my date partner because we crowded together in such a confined space when we were in the car, therefore, big spaces for dating were needed. That’s why I would enjoy getting out with one among them. Namsan, Cheongpyung, and Dobongsan were perfect for the date course.”

Also, he said that he would use disguises, “When I went to the amusement park I usually like with my friends or went there alone, protective clothing such as wide-brim hats and long sweatsuit covered myself. In this way, I was not recognized and mingled freely with the crowds.”

credit to Osen … &aid=0002096898
Brief translation by rain bird.

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