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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rain, “Extreme Thinking I’ve Ever Had When I Experienced Emotional Distress”

Singer Rain told us that “extreme thinking has ever had when he experienced emotional distress”

Recently, Rain has attended KBS2 TV program “Win Win Talk”, he recalled the lonesome period when he was filming Hollywood movie “Ninja Assassin” in foreign country.

Rain said “I am a one who won’t tolerate oneself, a kind of self-torture person”. He also said “I believed movie filming is an opportunity for me. I can’t be lazy. I won’t forgive myself if I missed a chance. In order to test myself, I intentionally didn’t bring my manager with me; also I rented a one-bedroom in the slum”

He also said “In order to keep fit, I couldn’t eat anytime. I live like a robot; therefore, I suffered huge emotional stress. Then I have ever experienced some extreme thinking”

Rain recalled “In order to suppress pain; I would watch Korean TV programs. On Christmas, I cried when I have seen Jae Seok sang Christmas song at MBC “Infinite Challenge”

For body shaping diet, Rain said “After I brushed my teeth, I would watch the old clips of my dance on stage; on the other hand, I suppress the feeling of hungry. It reminds me why I have to take diet, and it motivate me effectively” Also, Rain said “Water helps rid of body waste, it can reduce your eating, so drink more water”

Korean version:
Chinese version:….d=detail&art_id=42683
Chin to Eng translated by Cuckoo-rain-cloud

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