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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cloud Philippines on Korea Times article [04-22-2009]
Korean Fans Create Singular Culture
By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter, The Korea Times

Paulette Espiritu is one of the administrators of ``Cloud Philippines,'' a fan club of entertainer Rain based in the Philippines. She initially didn't start out as a big fan of Rain, but little by little, she realized the potential of the Korean singer.

``I was never a fan of East Asian music prior to this and I thought K-pop was (cheesy). But when I heard Rain's voice and saw his dance moves, which could rival the dance artists in the West, it completely shattered all my previous notions about K-pop,'' she told The Korea Times via an e-mail interview.

Cloud Philippines was established in 2006, with more than 2,000 members helping to promote Rain, his projects and activities in the Philippines and also provide a unified home for his fans in the country.

``Whenever Rain releases a new album, movie or drama in the Philippines, we organize promotional activities such as poster distribution, fan awareness via text, email and website announcements, sending requests to radio stations and music video networks like MYX and MTV Philippines. We also try to connect with the companies involved to offer our assistance in whatever marketing activities they have planned for Rain. Lastly, we form tour groups and provide assistance in any way we can to those who are interested in attending his concerts and promotional activities in Korea and other countries,'' she said.

Why do fans carry out these activities? Are they just trying to get their stars to notice them, or hoping for more?

``Of course, we want to be noticed by Rain. Who doesn't? At the same time, it is also our way of releasing stress from our daily activities. Organizing a fan club involves hard work, but we don't really feel the pressure because it's for Rain. We're doing this mainly for fun,'' Espiritu said.

credits to: fatgrrl_slim of Cloud Philippines

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