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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[Apr-27-2009] South-East Asia and Europe in the Korea Wave

Rain part out of the article of 'South-East Asia and Europe in the Korea Wave'

*This story is about a Korean national defense researcher experienced when he traveled several counties.

Rain part:

Once Goa of India was a colony of Portugal, but it has been the last to come under the mainland and is in the sea area located in the west side of India. It is also so sleepy region that travelers are rare to find.

I went for a massage which helps a sick headache in this place.
A beautiful young lady who would massage for me asked, "Are you a Japanese?"
I'm sometimes misunderstood as a Japanese due to my gray hair not to be dyed.

When I answered, "I m a Korean.", she was all smiled and devotedly massaged for me even over 20 minutes saying, "I'm a Rain's fan".

She told me, "Last my birthday, I received a gift, a T shirt printed with Rain's face, from my friend who had bought in Korea, and I'm thinking of appealing to my future husband to bury me in a grave with the shirt." she smiled shyly. Since I had no present for her, I gave her a generous tip.

My American colleague who went together asked me, "You're warmly welcomed wherever you go, what's the secret?" I answered, "I think I've gotten the warm welcome because I was born in Korea."

credit to benamoo
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

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