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Thursday, April 23, 2009

[Apr-22-2009] Rain plans to do very vigorous activities in the Asia region

Rain plans to do very vigorous activities in the Asia region at the first half of the year

Rain will show his appearance as a world star around Asia regions at the first half of the year, working as overseas activities vigorously.

Starting with CF shooting in Australia, Rain plans to meet his overseas fans in several Asia nations through a number of events such as charity event, fashion show, and etc.

First of all, Rain left for Australia for shooting Republic Nature CF, the cosmetics brand Rain has acted as a model, on the 19th.

After returning from Australia, he will be leaving for Beijing, China, for the charity concert to be held under action star Jakie Chan on the 30th.

Rain who has been invited to the concert under Jakie Chan, is due to appear on the stage to be held in Nyaochao inside of Beijing Olympic main stadium on May 1th.

Rain who sang in Beijing Olympic closing ceremony last year, has come to appear on the stage again in a year. Chinese Culture stars such as 'Alan Tom' will take part in this concert as well as 'Super Junior' in Korea.

If Rain get through the Beijing concert, he'll hold 'Six to Five' 2009 F/W Season fashion show, the fashion brand he has acted as a model and designer, in Hong Kong in early June. Rain is due to appear as a model in this fashion show.

Since the fashion interested in Chinese Culture as well as in Hong Kong will be present at the fashion show in a great mass, after the event, it is expected to let the world know the brand 6to5 extensively.

In addition, J.Tune entertainment which has been pushing some strategic partnership with Korea Teddy Bear Association, has opened SF Teddy Museum in Jeju island and officially contracted even with Bali in Indonesia. They also plan to go through due formalities with Thailand and to break ground on a building there.

With this, Rain's Asia tour at the first half of the year is expected, though details have not been given, Rain has planned to hold the concert tour since last year.

Rain's agent J.Tune entertainment expressed, "Rain plans to meet his overseas fans through the concert tour in Asia nations, he is also due to promote his several projects carefully."

credit to Sports Dongah
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu

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