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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The wind and rain will be blowing hard. Ninja Assassin date set


[Mar-30-2009]The wind and rain will be blowing hard. 'Ninja Assassin's opening day has been decided in America.

Rain's first hollywood leading film Ninja Assassin's opening day has been decided.

'Variety', American weekly entertainment magazine, currently reported that 'Ninja Assassin' will be releasing on November 25th in America. Movie database 'IMDB' also posted that its opening day will be on November 25th.

The opening day in Korea and Europe has not been revealed yet, but it is known that it will be released at the similar time.

Rain made his debut in the hollywood as a supporting role through 'Speed Racer' last year, but 'Ninja Assassin' is expected to be the key how he grows into a hollywood star since it is his first leading movie.

Rain plans to have a large-scale premiere tour to the releasing time.
Meanwhile, 'Ninja Assassin' has been rated R due to its violence.

credit to Sports Dongah
Brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu

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