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Saturday, April 25, 2009

[Apr-24-2009] Rain at special screening of movie "Thirst"

credit Photo to: naver & karman1668 @rainhk

KR: some fan accounts from benamoo & DC
summary & KR to CN: gli07@ baidu rain bar
CN to EN: rainalice@rainlegend

The premiere was planned to begin at 8pm. But some artists arrived after 8pm.

Rain arrived at Korean airport around 6pm. He arrived at the premiere on 7:55pm. He went directly into the VIP room, talking with senior management of CJ entertainment.

Shortly after he sat down in the theater, an assistant of Chung Lim came to say Chung Lim would like to greet him. Chung Lim came, greeted Rain and then returned to his theater (total 3 theaters for this premiere). Rain's theater had other artists like: Lee Byung Heon, Kim Hye-su, Won Bin and Song Hye-kyo.

Sitting around Rain were senior management of CJ. Park Chan-wook sat with his mother in the row right in front of Rain. Park Chan-wook and main actors greeted on stage before movie began and then went to other theaters to greet. After Park Chan-wook came back, he sat next to Rain (not 100% sure about where he sat, just some fans said so).

After the movie ended. Rain was the first artist to exit. He went into the VIP room with Park Chan-wook again and stayed there for a long time. All other artists left the theater directly.

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