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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The commercial film to introduce dreams of Jang & Rain

The commercial film to introduce dreams of Jang Dong-Geon & Rain, is the talk of the town.

Recently, T (, mobile communication brand, showed the second "Bibidibabidibu" campaign of the content that Jang & Rain wish their dreams come true.

Jang part of this is the content that he receives the best acting prize in an international film festival, Rain part is the content that he is awarded the best singer prize and is recognized as a distinguished musician.

Meanwhile, there is an after-talk that the two directly sang this "Bibidibabidibu, according to T" song with their sweet voices.

Wish my dream come true - Bibidibabidibu

* The words of Jang & Rain have no meaning like an onomatopoeia, the language which they are speaking is not Korean language, and is a made-up language.


  1. "Bibidibabidbu" is a phrase that Cinderellas fairy godmother uses when she cast her spell on Cinderella for her ball. You can go to Disneys website and put in Cinderella and the fairy godmother appears singing this. Hope Disney gave them permission to use this or else our poor RAIN will be in-trouble again.

  2. that true??!!

    Oh My God!
    Oh My God!