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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[Feb-25-2009]Designer Rain, Reactions to the opening day sales are heating up.

Customers' reactions to clothing brand 'Six To Five' which Rain belonging to, are unusual.

Starting with Cheongjoo branch shop last 13th, 'Six To Five' which has brought out total 5 shops, Jeonjoo&Daegu branch shops, Sinsege main shop, and etc, has published Rain's fashion sense and established the distinguished record in sale.

J.Tune Creative, fashion&preofessional enterprise, expressed, "The opening day sales were expectedly over ten million won (about 7,000dollars) and its sale has continued to increase."

We've been treated to the odd sight of the customers, who want to see Rain's fashion sense, standing in a row at the shop to buy the clothing.
When orders were once pressed, the goods were momentarily sold out and reorders were ever rushed.

Especially, at Sinsege main shop which is located in fashion center 'Myungdong', the customers flowed in and out all day, and that is taking overseas visitors' eyes.
By word of mouth, the national brand is expected to be spread out the world soon.

Meanwhile, on-line site of 'Six To Five' is due to sell the limited project goods with the opening of 'Opening Event' page ahead off, before the official sale.

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