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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rain's New Name in US!!!!! Urgh...This is so bad News!

Source: edaily

Two sides, Rain and Rain Cooperation, dramatically agreed about the trademark right trouble over name "Rain", so Rain'll not act as "Rain", but as "The Rain", in America alone.

The trademark trouble over world star Rain's English name "Rain" between America music company Rain Cooperation and Rain, was completely solved by mutual agreement.

Through the mutual consent, when Rain acts as a singer in America, he'll do with English name "The Rain", however, if he acts as an actor in America, existing name "Rain" can be used. Also, the use of "The Rain" as a singer is limited to America, but outside of the U.S., he can use existing name "Rain" as usual.

By "Rain cooperation", in Nevada State in the U.S., 2007, Rain was ever applied for provisional disposition and was sued over name "Rain"

1 comment:

  1. Ughhhh hate the name "The Rain"
    Those suing him were trying to get fame
    by having people look at them because they know how popular
    RAIN really is. What now, you can copyright an element????
    That's just so idiotic... think I'll copyright water, lol (^o^) and sue
    all those using "water" hahaha.