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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nichkhun (Member of 2PM) talked about Rain in interview

credit to 비처님@benamoo, 你是雨·我是云 @baidu rain bar

Q: Talking about Rain… he moved to his own co. already and he came to Thailand for the shooting of his new MV
A: Yes. I felt excited every time when I watched him performing on the stage… he’s cool… his singing and dancing always improve and no one can copy him. When he’s on the stage the way he has eyes contact… the way he looks into the camera… the way he sings and post no one can imitate him… everything seems just born for him.

Q: Have you met each other?
A: Yes, we met him at events when performing. He said hi. Last time we met he encouraged us to keep going. At that time we were hoping for the “New Artist” award. He told us ‘this year you just missed out on it but it’s ok! Next year you’ll come back and get it!’ He praised us for doing well but suggested parts of our act we must work on.

Q: How do you really feel whenever we met, we always asking about Rain?
A: I’m not annoying at all besides I feel honor… It’s not because we’d been in the same company but he’s like my ideal I like his effort, his determination, his endeavor… I want to imitate these from him. When someone said I’m the second Rain… I’m glad but I admit that I don’t have such endeavor like him I’ll try to reach to that point but being no. one Khun is better because being second Rain is so hard I can’t catch up with him (with work).

Yeah...He's Right!
No one can compare Our RAIN!!!!

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